Could Pal's be one of the secret ingredients to Tennessee's basketball success?

After a December 29th game against Tennessee Tech where sophomore John Fulkerson posted a career high fifteen points, the Kingsport, Tennessee native was asked what contributed to his level of play.

Fulkerson's answer drew chuckles from the surrounding reporters, "“I think it just came to me today I think the reason why is I ate Pal’s over the break and I think I still got some of that in my system so I can credit that to Pal’s.”

So we headed to up to Pal's Moristown location where owner and manager Rick Martindale said he wasn't surprised at all when he heard about Fulkerson giving credit to Pal's for his performance. “That doesn’t surprise me because I’ve had a lot of players from high school teams tell me that Pal’s is there favorite meal before a game”

The passion for Pal's is spreading on the Vols roster, Jordan Bowden had to see for himself what all the hype was about.

So does Pal's really play a role in the Vols on the court success, Martindale says it can't hurt, “We want to see them go all the way this year and get to the Final 4, I think they are capable of that and if we can help by feeding them a couple big Pal doubles we can do that. We need to get coach Barnes to load up the bus and bring them up for lunch.”