Crews prep field for Alabama game

Getting the field at Neyland Stadium ready for the Alabama game is no easy task.

"We'll use somewhere in the range of 100-120 gallons of paint," Grounds Crew Leader Bryan Ogle said. "Sometimes, if it rains we'll go back and touch something up."

Ogle said going through this much paint isn't just a one day job either. On Wednesdays, they start with the yard lines. On Thursdays, it's on to the more iconic symbols.

"White checkerboards, the number stencils, the hash mark stencils, we'll lay out the T and the SEC logos," Ogle said. "Friday, we'll do the orange checkerboard and finish it off with the T."

He said after doing this for more than a decade, the paints left a mark or two on him.

"I've lost count," Ogle said. "Every piece of clothing I have probably has a paint stain on it. It comes with the job."

It's a job he's proud of, and one he said helps the Vols to victory.

"We're known for our checkerboard end zones," Ogle said. "Whenever we have a guy running in there scoring a touchdown, it makes me feel good knowing me and my crew, we feel like we're a part of the team."