Details on Tee Martin's deal with UT revealed

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The University of Tennessee made it official on Saturday, announcing that Tee Martin would join the University of Tennessee Vols football program.

On Saturday, the university announced Martin would join the staff as an assistant coach as Charles Kelly leaves to join Alabama.

As for rejoining the Big Orange family Tee says, ā€œIā€™m excited to welcome back Tee Martin as one of our assistant coaches,ā€ Pruitt said.

On Tuesday, the university released details on the memorandum of understanding it entered into with Martin.

According to the memorandum, Martin has signed on to work with the Vols until Jan. 31, 2021. He will also receive an annualized base pay of $275,000, an annualized supplemental compensation of $175,000 for Jan. 16, 2019 through Jan. 31, 2020 and $175,000 for Feb. 1, 2020 through Jan. 31, 2021, equaling out to $450,000 a year total.

Martin will also receive a $600 vehicle allowance, or one vehicle "of a quality...similar to vehicles provided to other University assistant coaches."

He will also be offered a $35,000 one-time moving allowance, and he will be included in the University's athletic play/practice insurance coverage.

Included in the memorandum are stipulations relating to termination.

"The University has the right to terminate this MOU or the Employment Agreement at any time for cause as determined in the reasonable and good faith judgement of the University," the memorandum said.

"Cause shall be interpreted consistently with its meaning in the most recent head coach's employment agreement, excluding a memorandum of understanding, executed by the University."

In the event of termination for 'cause,' the "University shall not be liable to Coach for any unearned or unaccrued payments or benefits after the date of termination. The university may suspend Coach with pay pending an investigation or decision relating to termination for a 'cause'."

For termination without cause, the "University may terminate this MOU or the Employment Agreement without cause upon written notice to Coach." If the school does this without cause, "the University shall pay Coach a separation payment in an amount equal to the monthly rate of the sum of Base Pay and Supplemental Pay times the number of months remaining in the term."

If Martin terminates the MOU without case before Feb. 1, 2020, he "shall pay the University a separation payment in the amount equal to 33% of the total compensation that would have otherwise been payable to Coach through the end of the Term."

If he terminates after or on Feb. 1, 2020, he will "pay the University a separation payment in the amount of $50,000." This payment could be waived, the memorandum states.

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