WATCH: Dog pees on ice at wiener dog race

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- "Spud" has two proud dog parents.

Abby Luttrell and Michael Mackey (engaged couple) even created an Instagram account for their six-month-old wiener dog. Spud posts on it himself, according to Abby and Michael.

It only made sense to enter him in the wiener dog race at the Ice Bears game on Saturday night.

Spud didn't win the race. Instead, he walked around and socialized with other dogs.

Once the race was over, Spud really left his mark.

He peed right on the blue line.

Officials were able to clean up Spud's mess, but those watching will not soon forget it.

Spud's Instagram account is: @_SpudTheStud

The Ice Bears beat the Storm on Saturday, 3-1.