ESPN: Dawkins emails reveal plan to pay UK players

Basketball hoop, Photo Date: 12/30/08 / Photo: Stuart Seeger / CC BY 2.0 / (MGN)

NEW YORK (WKYT) - Two University of Kentucky basketball players are named in an email released as part of evidence in a federal pay-for-play trial.

According to documents obtained by ESPN, 19 "prospective players" who were either in college or high school were listed in an email from Christian Dawkins to his business partner in 2017.

Dawkins is one of the sports agents accused of paying college basketball players.

One of the players mentioned in Dawkins' email is then-UK freshman Jarred Vanderbilt.

According to the email, Dawkins planned to give Vanderbilt's family $30,000 in travel expenses to watch him play for the wildcats last season. Vanderbilt's father was going to get a $25,000 signing bonus when his son turned pro.

Dawkins proposed giving Vanderbilt a $100,000 line of credit and $25,000 advance on his marketing revenue if he was projected as a lottery pick.

Dawkins also wanted to recruit Ashton Hagans who is currently a UK freshman.

It's not clear if any money was given to either player or their families.