FANalysis: What the fans had to say about Tennessee's win over Gonzaga

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- I asked Tennessee fans on Twitter to give me their thoughts on Tennessee's win over Gonzaga.

Some of the comments from fans:
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--Game ball to Admiral definitely but don’t forget about Jordan Bowden.. came in and hit a couuof big shots at key times! #VOLS

--Tennessee’s win over Gonzaga shows how good this team can be. There isn’t a better duo then Schofield and Williams. We will be SEC Champions. Just another win on the road to a National Championship.

--It was men against boys.

--Realistically, better than Kansas based on what it took from them to beat us compounded with how bad we shot & Admiral played. Playing badly we are top 10ish. Playing 7/10 (not even great) & missing the SEC's 6th man of the year we are better than #1 playing 9/10