Knoxville man turns quarantine into fitness routine

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Some people have taken the stay at home challenge and turned it into a triumph. WVLT Sports Director Rick Russo found one person like that down at the end of the cul-de-sac.

"Since the beginning of 2020, this is our 83rd session and today’s our38th stay of quarantine stay at home," says D-Block Sports and Fitness Training owner Dunstan Kendrick.

Kendrick is fit, fun and, without question, motivated. For better than a month now, Dunstan has been running D-Block Fit out of the friendly confines of his garage at home.

At 8 a.m., six mornings a week, Dunstan is rip-roaring ready to go with a regiment this East Tennessee native and former Western Carolina football player maintains says is thanks to organization and his athletic background. He says, ”Being an athlete, especially when I got to college, you live off an itinerary, a schedule and I enjoy that.”

During the pandemic, spending time at the house or on the block has been a regular thing. For Dunstan, being his livelihood, it’s also necessary thing, and it’s a good thing his neighbors here in the cul-de-sac are on board. Kendrick says, "My neighbor next to me woke up and said to his wife, 'someone’s screaming out there, seriously, someone’s out there yelling'. She said 'just go back to bed it’s just D doing his workout,' and he’s 'like wow! He’s really loud'."

As for what the future holds? Like all of us, Kendrick can’t wait to find out, but he’s ready to forge ahead in the safest way possible, ”With the new guidelines there’s a lot that’s being asked of me so that means there’ll be a lot asked of the members that come in, but at the same time I’m gonna do my best to protect my members, my family and their families.”

Kendrick expects to also start working out 26-thousand square footage facility he trains at on May 4th. D-Block is located inside The Crushplex at City Hills Church, 1501 Kirby Rd.

Join by contacting Dunstan Kendrick 865-368-5292 or direct message on social media:
•Instagram @dblockfit
•Facebook: Dunstan Kendrick’s Performance Training

You can send Friend Request on Facebook for the private group at D-Block Live.

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