Front Yard Fun in Farragut

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- The Colver Fork Croquet League in Farragut is definitely bringing one West Knoxville neighborhood together! Started on July 4th, 2010, the league weekly competition and 5 Major events throughout the year.

Approximately 20 members get together each Saturday for some friendly play , which more often than not, turns into serious competition!

The players keep track of every game (Fed Ex Cup) style points system. The mallets they use are made by hand by some members, three of whom are in the league hall of Fame.

The croquet conquistadors play year round, weather permitting and sport nicknames like, The Commish, The Snake, White Shoes, Mr Gambini, The Turtle, Cat Man, and Home Wrecker.

The grass is Bermuda and even includes a patch once used in a pretty famous stadium over on the UT Campus.

The legend that is these players and their success is growing with Facebook followers in over 50 Countries.