Fulky a fan and family favorite early on!

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- John Fulkerson’s been the driving force on this years Tennessee basketball team, a trait which began taking shape as a freshman in High School under coach Charlie Morgan at Dobyns-Bennett High School.

Fulky, who hails from nearby Kingsport, spent two season playing for coach Morgan, who says he’s been impressed with the way the Tennessee forward has developed his game from a fundamental standpoint.

Just as impressed are those who know him best, his family, and that includes sister Hope, who currently attends Dobyns-Bennett High School and as you might imagine, she looks up to big brother.

Admiration yes, but at times skepticism, especially when Fulky does and says, well, Fulky things, like tell media members that eating Lucky Charms cereal for the first time before a game allowed him to play well.

Yes, John can be quirky at times and the family absolutely loves it, but what Sis has a hard time accepting is the hair, facial or otherwise. All the fun aside, the junior has stepped up in a big way for the Big Orange this season earning himself second team All-SEC honors.

Now he leads his Vols into his third SEC Tournament as Tennessee opens Thursday against Alabama.