Get to know our Lady Vols off the court

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The Lady Vols had their media day inside Pratt Pavilion. WVLT News took the opportunity to ask off the court questions.

Who's the best dressed on the team?
"Me," said Cheridene Green, who is a forward for the Lady Vols.

"I'm going to have to go with Jazmine," said Zaay Green, who is a guard for the Lady Vols.

"I would say between Meme and Evina," said Jazmine Massengill, who is a guard for the Lady Vols.

"Me," said Evina Westbrook, who is a guard for the Lady Vols.

What do you eat for breakfast?
"Cereal or waffles," said Cheridene

"Lucky Charms," said Westbrook.

"Sausage on a stick and a hash brown bowl," said Zaay.

"Oatmeal," said Massengill.

Facebook, Twiitter or Instagram?
"Instagram," said Westbrook. "I don't have Facebook. Facebook is kind of old."

"Twitter," said Zaay.

"Neither," said Cheridene. "I like Snapchat".

Any rituals before a game?

"Yes, I eat hot fries before the game," said Zaay.

"I always have to listen to music and be in the zone," said Cheridene.

"Before every Basketball game, I drink a Dr Pepper," said Massengill.

"Chocolate milk," said Westbrook.

The Lady Vols tip off November 5th in an exhibition game.

If you'd like to see the schedule of their games,
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