Grant Williams: Life before basketball

CBS News Grant Williams plays much more than just basketball. The University of Tennessee junior forward and two-time SEC player of the year also grew up playing music.

"It reminds me of home to sit down at a piano," Williams said. "It takes your mind off of things you may be worried about. You may have a stressful day of basketball, you may have a stressful day of school, but when you sit down and start playing music it allows you to just calm your mind."

Grant Williams grew up in North Carolina and is the youngest of three boys.

"I definitely describe myself as a nerd because I love to learn," Grant said. "It doesn't have to be academic, it can be anything. You can teach me how to knit and I'll sit down and try to learn with you."

With a passion for basketball, he knew he wanted to leave his mark.

"We've always talked about leaving a legacy and that was one thing I said on my recruiting visit to coach Barnes, that I wanted to make an impact on the school, on you, and on your life," Grant said.