How do you celebrate 'Tee Higgins Day' in Oak Ridge?

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Tee Higgins practically re-wrote the record books for Oak Ridge High School's football program.

He leads virtually every possible receiving category at the school, and was a two-time Mr. Football winner.

More recently, he helped Clemson win a college football national championship, and even caught a touchdown in the title game.

His high school jersey was retired at Oak Ridge on Friday, and the City of Oak Ridge declared Feb. 1, 2019 "Tee Higgins Day".

Of course, most people celebrate Christmas with a tree and presents. Thanksgiving typically involves a turkey.

But what about "Tee Higgins Day"? We asked him.

"Go to McDonald's and get you a double cheeseburger -- plain -- some fries and a little Sprite. That's how you celebrate that," said Higgins.

So now you know.