Josh Dobbs helps kick off Tennessee Science Bowl in Knoxville

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT.) -- Former Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs was back in Knoxville Friday, but not for football reasons.

The Jacksonville Jaguar is in town to speak at the Tennessee Science Bowl kickoff dinner where more than 300 students from across the state come to compete.

Dobbs is not only a VFL signal-caller, but also a graduate of the aerospace engineering program. Dobbs traveled to Knoxville to speak to the younger generation who are pursuing their passion in the STEM world by sharing his passion and background in engineering.

"It was fun to share my story and my journey. I looked in the crowd and I was them. I was that student participating in different science and engineering camps so I just remember being them and what they're going through right now and to be able to share my story and hopefully they take one nugget home and I'm able to inspire them to continue to pursue a STEM degree," said Dobbs.

The All-SEC quarterback spoke on his childhood and his life growing up where he was not only a well rounded athlete, but also a STEM student who was involved in multiple academic extracurricular activities.

Dobbs spoke to the students about maintaining their passion even when times get stressful and how to plan out a busy schedule when you're an athlete along with an engineering student.

"It's great to hear the engagement. There's a lot of smart minds in there and just to hear the types of questions they're asking just shows they're interested in the field so hopefully they took some of my tidbits and learned something. The biggest thing I want them to know is that they are the future innovators and they're going to solve future problems so I hope they're inspired by that opportunity, " said Dobbs.

The Georgia native currently plays for Jacksonville Jaguars, but says when he has extra time he does everything he can to continue learning and expanding his career in engineering.

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