Karate Five celebrates Linda Wilson's Hall of Fame induction

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- For Linda Wilson, her goal was to teach.

"We started teaching our students to improve themselves and be better tomorrow than you were today," Wilson said.

What these kids didn't know at the time was they could not have had a better teacher. In 2017, Linda Wilson became the first ever African American woman inducted into the Ishinryu Hall of Fame.

"I was going on the journey of karate, you never think of the awards you are going to get," Wilson said. "You think about how it improves you, and doing this art is a way of life and it stays with you for life."

Linda and her husband Grandmaster Willie Wilson, who’s also in the Hall of Fame, started the Karate Five Dojo with three people more than 40 years ago.

"We started off in the inner cities to get them off the streets and to be more constructive in their attitudes and character. That's what karate is all about. It's about discipline and being an asset to society," Wilson added.

The Wilsons have seen hundreds go in and out of their doors over the years, and many of their former students have found their way back.

"We've got students who bring their grandkids back and say how it improved their lives. Our students are like family, we're a family here," Wilson said.

A family that lives to teach and shape the lives of everyone that walks through their door.

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