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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Navigating through the pandemic has brought all of us a certain degree of frustration. WVLT found someone who is working at helping others with that one Zoom class at a time.

Out in beautiful Townsend, Tennessee sits Little River Yoga. Whether from home or at her studio, owner Amanda Hatcher’s been able to provide classes to those unable to get out because of the pandemic.
"Never imagined videoing, but it’s necessary right now. People need normalcy in their lives, they need to breathe. During this time yoga has helped us navigate hard times in a calm manner," said Hatcher.

Hatcher’s been able to provide classes to students who've previously moved away and never quite found other classes.

Several are even practicing with her from different states, where previously they could not..

Hatcher said things won't change even as things continue to open up in Tennessee. She said, ”I’ve already talked to most of my students, they’re scared, they’re not comfortable starting off on May 1st so we’re gonna continue doing and as we see the curve lower we’ll see whether it’s two weeks or two months from now, we’re not gonna use our props, people will be encouraged to use their own.”

One of the challenges for all of us being isolated is keeping physically fit. Just as critical is our emotional well being. In fact, stress is something Amanda tries to alleviate from her clients during these trying times saying, ”Just remembering to breathe can really bring you back to yourself. My goal is to help people navigate this in a calm manner because we can’t really change things, but we can change how we react to them.”

Hatcher not only teaches classes not only for her studio, but for corporate groups as well. Clayton Homes and Maryville City Schools use her classes.

Hatcher created a campaign for her studio and another called #namasteathome designing a t-shirt for it and raised $1,200 for both studios. That campaign has helped them support each other during the pandemic as has the Zoom classes, which are providing 70-to-80 percent of her income.

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