Lady Vol Rae Burrell gets creative with the mic

Source: WVLT

(WVLT) -- The Lady Vols started off slow against the Missouri Lady Tigers on Thursday night in the second round of the SEC Tournament, but got hot in the third quarter thanks to a 9-0 run by sophomore Rae Burrell.

Burrell had the game high with 16 points against the Tigers, and the Lady Vols ultimately won 64-51. advancing to play against Kentucky on Friday night.

A couple hours before the Kentucky game, WVLT News sports anchor Caleb Noe got a quick interview with Burrell, and he learned a new way to clip a mic.

Noe captured Burrell attaching the mic to her braids and posted it on Twitter.

The Lady Vols are looking to get a win against Kentucky, after losing in a 4-point game in January. The Lady Vols tip off against Kentucky at 8:25 p.m. on the SEC Network.

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