Lanier lays it on the line at Tip-Off Club

Knoxville, Tenn. (WVLT)— Tennessee Basketball assistant Rob Lanier was among the speakers at Wednesday’s Big Orange Tip-Off Club luncheon. The coach was open and refreshing about Tennessee’s ascent to the top of the College basketball world!

Lanier was asked by an ESPN reporter when did you think this Tennessee basketball team was going to be good? Well, he didn’t hesitate when answering. It was succinct and definitive saying he new the Sunday night when head coach Rick Barnes got the plane with then Athletics Director Dave Hart to come to Tennessee. Yes, Lanier knew then that Texas’ loss would be Tennessee’s gain.

He knew his boss was not close to being done and that coach Barnes was far from being satisfied.

Lanier went on to say,”we do want to have a great program and the great program's are never satified  so they have to deal with success and the failures  the same way. When you hear coach and sounds like he's negative after a 20 point win, it's not manufactured. It really is consistent m, we're just going to address what needs to be addressed and try to get better."

He says the best way to handle success is is to do just that, stay consistent throughout.

Barnes went in to tell the crowd at the Tip-Off Club gathering that, “a lot of what we learned at Texas is that winning has nothing to do with basketball!
He says, when it comes to success,
when you have players who care and love one another, then you have something.

Coach Lanier says, “it’s neat to see our guys taking ownership.” And that’s important because this team still has a long way to go to get where it wants to be.
However, having said that, Lanier adds,”It’s great going into a game expecting to win, but you have to be ready to handle adversity.” And you do that by adhering to what coach Barnes considers his team’s core values, which are humility, respect and accountability.

As for devolving players, like Grant Williams and Admiral Schofield he formula is really simple. Coach Lanier says, “you just can’t spread that Kevin Durant dust on them. You gotta take guys that want to be coached!” Durant, of course, a former pupil of coach Barnes and one of the best basketball players in the world.