Local angler earns national honor from Bassmaster

Sequoyah High School senior Seth Moser has only been fishing competitively for a few years.

“My dad didn’t fish so I didn’t really have anyone to teach me about bass fishing so what I did was go on to Youtube and Google constantly and research all kinds of stuff, anything I could get my hands on because I was addicted, once I started I couldn’t get enough of it.”

“What’s up guys, it’s Seth Moser finally back here with another video.”

Moser now has his own Youtube channel where shares the tips and tricks he’s picked up along the way.

To say that Seth is hooked on bass fishing would be a bit of an understatement.

“I have been skydiving, I bluff dive all the time and that little pit in your stomach that shakes a little bit right before you jump off the cliff or out of the airplane is the same feeling I get when I’m constantly waiting for a bite, waiting for one to come up and eat it.”

Moser puts in countless hours on area lakes, working to perfect this relatively new found passion.

“Get out here and spend as much time as you can, because that’s the only way you are ever going to get good is to be out here when no one else is. When it’s good, when it’s bad, when it’s raining or hot.”

NATS (catching a fish)

The work pays off, not only good times and tight lines, but also in a nationwide honor. Moser was recently named to the Bassmaster All-American high School team, an award given to only a dozen anglers in the country.

“I clicked on it and it said congratulations Seth Moser you a high school all-American. I jumped up in the hallway gave a big fist pump, ran past my principal gave told her we got it, ran straight to my bass coach’s room he jumped up and down with me, we were excited. It’s a huge honor and I’m super excited about it.”

Seth is an active member of Sequoyah’s bass fishing team, he even works to secure sponsorships for the club.

“I would do all my school work and when I got done with my algebra or my science I would ask the teacher if I could step outside and I would start making phone calls. I would just call those companies and the key was convincing them that sponsoring our team would help them sell products”

I think we’re sold that Seth will be a success both in and out of the water moving forward, which in the immediate future is a career at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.