Mick Gillispie enjoying 12th season as voice of the Smokies

Mick Gillispie has been calling Smokies games for more than a decade and it’s simply a love of the game that has kept him going strong for what he estimates is north of 3 thousand games.

“I still enjoy the game of baseball, I played, was a player manager for some teams, I umpired and when I was a kid I dreamed about it.”

Mick pours his passion for baseball into each game. “ I want game one hundred to sound as good as game one and I want the first game of the playoffs to be as good as game one hundred”

Gillispie draws his broadcasting style from some other notable voices in Tennessee sports

“I met John here at the stadium and he’s the best SEC broadcaster ever and I don’t care what team you root for or where you went to school, he was the best. Lindsey Nelson who I’d say, broadcast style speaking in who I try to go after. I want to be funny and over the course of time I want people to get the humor we have in the booth.”

Along the way Gillispie has been witness to pretty special moments at the ballpark.

“Javy Baez when he was coming through did some amazing things, we had a 4th of July game in front of a packed house and Javy hit a walk-off home run, there’s a picture of Javy hitting homeplate and just being mobbed by his teammates.”

“Ryne Sandberg was our mananger in 2009 and we end up losing twelve in a row and Ryno tells the team, we’re going be better for this. We rolled through the second half, won the second half and beat that Huntsville team in the first round of the playoffs and I’m in the clubhouse here interviewing Ryno and he dumped a beer on my head after the interview to celebrate. So I walked out of the clubhouse and said Ryno just poured a beer on my and it wasn’t because he was mad.”

Mick’s voice has become a staple in East Tennessee and as he enters his twelfth season it’s clear he’s having as much fun today as he did when he started.