NFL proposes playoff expansion

(WVLT/CBS) -- The future of the NFL playoff experience could look a bit different in the near future.

CBS Sports reports that a new CBA proposal has seven teams from each conference making the NFL playoffs instead of six with only one team receiving a first-round bye per conference.

A source familiar with the CBA told ESPN, "That's been agreed to for a long time."

Teams that get the No. 1 seed in their conference will also receive postseason pay for the weekend they technically have off. Under the current CBA, teams didn't get pay for the first-round bye.

With an expanded regular season, the preseason would be shortened from four games to three.

Several players have spoken out about it. Houston Texas star JJ Watt said he's a "hard no." Some have said they want to see a more even distribution of money, benefits and want longer health coverage in retirement.

The changes would go into effect in the upcoming season.

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