NFL proposing expanded playoffs

Photo credits : MGN

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The proposed change to the NFL postseason is one that seems likely to pass as soon as this new collective bargaining agreement is agreed upon.

The league plans to add a seventh postseason team for each conference beginning in the 2020 season. It will also take away the first-round bye from each second seed, meaning only the team with the best record in the conference (including any necessary tiebreakers) will be the lone team in that conference sitting at home on Wild Card Weekend.

While this won't add any weekends to the postseason calendar, but many fear it will introduce mediocrity into a postseason that should be reserved for the best.

Could a seven seed catch fire and make a run like a handful of six seeds have in years past? Absolutely. But many believe the postseason should be an exclusive club.

The reason for the change is, of course, money. The league is always looking for new revenue streams (but curiously continues to leave jersey-ad patches on the shelf), and a 17th regular-season game plus another game on Wild Card Weekend will achieve that. Consider, too, that the NFL is set to cash in when the next round of TV contracts are up following the 2022 season, and these consistent $10 million spikes in the salary cap the last several years will soon look like little more than year-to-year.