New Beg'inning' for Powell Softball

Its mid-season, but Thursday was opening day at Powell High School's softball field. A day some players thought wouldn't come.

"I thought was I wouldn't have a home game my senior year, and it was heartbreaking," Catcher Mackenzie Lamb said.

Just weeks ago the field looked completely different.

"When we first saw the field we were shocked," first base player Haley Schultz.

The February floods washed away the infield leaving debris behind.

"We had days where we would practice and we would just pick rocks for an hour before," Mackenzie said. "We had a couple field work days where we would come and dig out all the dirt from the outfield, and put it back in the infield."

While the field dried out, and volunteers made repairs, the team was forced to play every game away from Powell.

"You get booed, or the other teams cheering," Haley said. "Parents cheer here and there but with home there always yelling no matter what."

Powell fans showed up in full force to welcome the team home.

"With everything that we've lost we're just thankful for anything that we get," Haley said. "We know what a filed means at home, so I think we're just grateful.