One on One with Phillip Fulmer

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT.)-- Phillip Fulmer is entering his second UT football season as Director of Tennessee Athletics and you can bet he's as excited as anyone about the kickoff to this 2019 season.

Coach Fulmer spends as much time as he can on the practice field observing Jeremy Pruitt's Vols and says, " You know we're really a year into it. The first year was pretty much a blur with the way that the recruiting, then it was spring practice with the limited numbers that we had to work with. This has been an entirely different spring and summer and fall practices. We are in a much better place than we were last year. They know what to expect from the coaches, the drills, the schemes and the team is it responded exceptionally well."

As for measuring the success of this Tennessee football program moving forward Fulmer says, "Well I mean truthfully Tennessee is about playing for championships. I'd like to think that we can go do that this year, but that's probably not the case. We can be a much better football team, but I know that we've improved in all areas. In the games that we can win we should go win those ball games."

As for what the coach would like to accomplish during this tenure as Athletics Director he said, "Well we talked about football, I want to be able to get football healthy and headed in the right direction. From that standpoint, the budget is really an issue we've been able to make ends meet. We need to be building a reserve as we go along and as the football team improves and we get through these buyouts, we'll definitely be able to increase reserves. Thirdly, just the campus relationships are important. When I was here it was so great with Dr. Joe Johnson and our chancellor and our coaches Pat and Bruce. It was a clear line of communication and Rick, I think we're closer to that than we have been in maybe 15 years with the leadership of Randy Boyd. Our board Is outstanding and there's a real understanding and appreciation of cooperation."