PETA calls for end to live-animal mascots

(CBS) -- Following the incident involving the Georgia and Texas mascots during the Sugar Bowl Tuesday night, the animal rights organization PETA is calling for the end of live-animal mascots.

Texas' longhorn mascot Bevo briefly charged Georgia's mascot Uga on the sidelines at the Superdome in New Orleans. Uga was not harmed.

The animal rights organization PETA is calling for the end of live-animal mascots after Texas' Bevo charged through a barricade toward Georgia's mascot Uga at Tuesday's Sugar Bowl.

Bevo, a large Longhorn steer, briefly charged at the bulldog before he was quickly pulled away by its handlers. Uga was not harmed.

The incident was caught on video and quickly became viral on social media.

PETA released a statement Wednesday that reiterated their stance against the use of live-animal mascots.

"This frightening near-tragedy is yet another example of the reason most colleges and professional sports teams retired their live-animal mascots decades ago—and the handful who haven’t yet should quickly follow suit," the statement said.

"Uga or any of the humans standing nearby could easily have been trampled and killed," PETA said.

Texas athletics spokesman John Bianco said "all established safety and security measures were in place for Bevo" at the Sugar Bowl, including two halters, two chains and six handlers to hold him, the Associated Press reported.