Will the Vols play this fall? Phillip Fulmer remains hopeful

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- As soon as the clock hits zero in a seasons’ final home game, Tennessee fans long for the time they can march back in to the house the General built, but given the current state if affairs, will there even be a football season?

UT Director of Athletics Phillip Fulmer believes the Vols will see this upcoming season saying, "I think there will be, I think there will be football. Nobody's sure right now what that's gonna look like, but I'm grateful to be here and hopefully be a part of the solution."

Russo asked Fulmer some other questions during an interview.

Russo While we await a decision on a timeline for the restart of sports, what have you seen in the area of ticket sales for the coming football season?

Fulmer "They've been good, especially in light of all the issues and uncertainty, we also would encourage our people to call us and talk about it because we can and should be flexible during this tough time everybody is having."

Russo What other progress have you seen made over the past couple months that folks may not be aware of?

Fulmer"Well, everything for us is predicated on working with the health department, the health experts. We're planning all kinds of contingency plans to move forward, but the important thing there is that, even though it seems like our country and our state is opening up a little bit, we have to continue to take the precautions not to put ourselves in a situation where the virus comes back and have some discipline on how we approach everyday. We can win. If we go back the other way, we're putting another year at risk."

Fulmer added that he has been in contact with SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey and believes the SEC will help guide the conference schools during this time.

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