Phillip Fulmer discusses Golf Classic and NFL Draft

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Tennessee Director of Athletics Phillip Fulmer recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of that magical 1998 national championship season,
and now he's observing the 20th anniversary of his annual Golf Classic which benefits the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Tennessee Valley. Coach Fulmer said, "It's amazing it's been 20 years, it's been such a great pleasure to be involved with the Boys and Girls Clubs. It's a classy organization! The dollars we raise stay in east Tennessee to help young people which is what it's all about. We've been saying we've raised a million dollars for about 7 or 8 years so I think we're probably over 2 million dollars in 20 years that we've raised."

Helping the boys and girls here in the Tennessee Valley are the golfers, many of whom have contributed to and taken part in this annual event. About them Fulmer added, "It is and a lot of the guys are the same guys that have been doing it for the whole time and sponsors have just been fantastic over the years."

You know a lot of these guys out on the course are keeping an eye on what's going on over in Nashville with the NFL Draft. 9 SEC players were taken in the first round. That says a lot for the conference which has led the way since 2007 Tennessee of course, looking to get in that mix as we move forward and that's really important says the coach,"
If we're gonna be where we all want to be then yes, we've gotta have guys that are that level of play. It was always my philosophy and Jeremy's the same way, it's almost how I measured how good our team might be how many guys we would have drafted if everything went well stayed healthy and attitudes and you need to get to where you're having five or six or seven or eight guys drafted a year."