Pitcher tows tiny home to Iowa

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- You've heard of the expression, thinking outside the box, well this is more like thinking inside the box! When it comes to life in the minor leagues, you never know when you might get that call up and nobody knows that better than former Heritage High and Tennessee Smokies pitcher Trevor Clifton, who recently moved from up from the Smokies to the Chicago Cubs Triple-A affiliate in Iowa.

It was Clifton's unique solution to housing while in Iowa that has turned a few heads! You see, he already had a house here in Maryville and didn't want to pay rent for another one in Iowa. Trevor's mom explains what happened next,:" He said, I think i'm gonna a get me a camper, I'll talk him down to 200.00 it's listed for 450.00 but I'll get it for 200 and he pulled up in it the first day and we were sitting here and it was the most God-awful looking thing ever."

Over the course of a few weeks, Trevor and his dad scrapped the camper and used the trailer to build a tiny house, they worked night and day to get it ready in time for Trevor to tow it to Iowa. It has all the comforts of home, a refrigerator a microwave, full-size bed and even a front porch! So why resort to this temporary lifestyle? Trevor's Mom adds, "That's just his personality really, he can rough it, not that it's really roughing it besides that there is no plumbing."

Trevor is parking his tiny house at an R-V park out there in Iowa. As for his baseball career, he's seeing a lot of success at the AAA level. In eleven innings pitched so far this season,Clifton's got a perfect
0.0 earned run average.