Prep passing league action underway

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Believe it or not we're getting ready to crank up high school football season, at least preparations for it. We've got media day this Friday and practice kicks off next week on July 15th.

This week schools are taking part in some non-contact
7-on-7 games. Some passing league action like the one out
at Rocky Top Sports world in Gatlinburg. It's put on each year by the
G-P football program.

It's a chance for coaches to get a first good look at their teams, and a chance to see what a bunch of our local teams might look like this year says Highlanders head coach Derek Rang, "well I think you can work on your timing int eh throw game. Wide receivers and quarterbacks work on the throw game and defensively you can work some of your man coverage and also conditioning. It's a great way for kids to condition and compete. You're going against different teams so it gets the juices amped up a little bit."

Coach Rang's Highlanders open the season on August 18th against Hampton. That 7-on-7 passing action in Gatlinburg continues on Thursday at Rocky-Top Sports World.