Rick Barnes vows to utilize bench more, asks for more productive minutes

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WLVT) -- At times this season, Tennessee's bench play has been spectacular.

Bench players combined to score 50 points (nearly half of Tennessee's points) in a win over Arkansas earlier this season.

Against Kentucky, those numbers were far different on Saturday.

Bench players combined for just nine of Tennessee's 69 points, and combined for only 46 minutes. Jordan Bowden accounted for 27 of those 46 minutes.

It was clearly a six-man rotation.

Rick Barnes, on Monday, took the blame, saying, "That's my fault. I'm going to fix that."

He went on, though, to challenge his bench players, saying they need to value those minutes, and realize they are "really, really important."

See the video above for a more in-depth breakdown, and Barnes' full comments.