Should I stay or should I go? Changes to NCAA rules on turning pro

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- New changes to the NCAA rulebook give college basketball players more flexibility when it comes to deciding if they enter the NBA or stay in school.

The rules could affect Tennessee's Jordan Bone, who recently declared for the NBA Draft, and others who may do the same.

In previous years, players had to decide before the draft if they were going to commit or come back to college. Now, a player can actually go through the draft -- and if they are not selected, can still come back to college.

If a player does get drafted, their college eligibility ends.

Players can also now hire an agent. Previously, if a college player hired an agent, their college eligibility would end. Now, as long as they end the relationship with the agent, they can come back to school.

You can read all the rules for entering the draft if you click the link on this story.