"Somethin' about them orange britches!" Are orange pants a good luck charm for the Vols?

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) — The Vols donned orange pants as they took the field against Mississippi State.

The Vols wore "orange britches" during the game against Mississippi State. / Source: (Michael Patrick)

After the team's first big SEC win, some people are calling the orange pants lucky... including one team member in particular.

"Them orange britches!" Trey Smith said after the game. "There's something about them orange britches!"

Coach Pruitt addressed the color choice during his press conference on Monday afternoon.

"Well, I'll be honest I didn't even know we had orange pants," said Pruitt. "I just asked if we did so I said let's wear 'em just to kinda change it up."

He said he remembered seeing orange-on-orange uniforms watching football as a kid "years and years ago."

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