Sweethearts keeping rhythm in Roane County

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- We met a group of talented young dancers who absolutely live up to their nickname. It's a group that's definitely making a difference in Roane County.

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Making all the right moves! It's what the Bowers Elementary School Sweethearts work diligently at throughout the school year.

Dawn Jenkins coaches this group of energetic young ladies, A group that's been making a difference in the Harriman community for quite some time explains Jenkins.

"A principal said can you do this for a pep rally on a Monday, they told us on Thursday and we said OK and here we are today and so local places in the community would ask for them, we'd come and perform and now it has turned into a really huge deal for our community," said Jenkins.

Whether it's performing in a Christmas parade, at a school sporting event, or helping entertain those in need of a lift, these children treasure the opportunity to shine says dancer Cailey Cook.

"When you see people smiling at you and cheering on you get a really good feeling inside of you it's like, there's people out there who love and care about us so much," said Cook.

For the Sweethearts it's not all about smiling and having fun, it's about hard work and building the confidence needed to become successful young ladies adds coach Jenkins, "We want them to be independent, we want them to be confident and learn self-discipline so that if you work hard, look what you can do that's the main thing, we want you to succeed and we keep up with them."

The Sweethearts are very much in tune with what they're doing and the example they're setting leading the way for the future of the program by overseeing the Lil' Sweethearts, the next generation of this impressive school tradition.

Coach Jenkins says this is a self-contained group that raises all the necessary funds to keep making a difference, something they plan on continuing to work hard at.

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