Tennessee Smokies open new baseball facility to public

The Tennessee Smokies have opened their newly constructed baseball performance center to the public.

The Smokies, the AA affiliate to the Chicago Cubs, opened the facility last summer to players only. After some brief changes, the team is ready to open the performance center to all ages in the area.

Jason Moody, Special Events Manager for the team, aims to open the facility to little leagues, high school teams, travel ball teams, even birthday parties.

"We want the community to use this training facility during the tougher months of the year" Moody said. "When it's tougher to get outside on a baseball field like when it snows, this a great facility for that".

The performance facility offers three hitting cages and a pitchers mound. Along with new technology HitTrax Data Capture and Simulation system.

The new system allows players to analytically track their performance when throwing, catching, or hitting.

"You can really dig into the analytics of why you're swing might not be right or really good" Moody explained.

The software even allows players to compete in a simulated game, keeping track of runs and outs all the way to runners moving around on base.