Tennessee players trying to come together by Saturday

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT.)-- Dissension and confusion, maybe. Adversity? You bet! Coming off a disappointing effort in the opener against Georgia State, this Tennessee Football program all of a sudden faces a must win situation with BYU coming to town on Saturday and at least one team leader says while you can't live in the past you can certainly learn from it. Red-Shirt Junior offensive lineman Ryan Johnson said this week, "I'm a big fan of history and my girlfriend gives me a hard time. Sometimes I'll be sitting there watching World War II in color and she's like, I'm falling asleep. You don't want to repeat the past, but you can also take things from the past and learn for the future whether it's good or bad."

Now four years in this program, Johnson was among the veteran players who lead a team only meeting this past week trying to bring this young squad together while offering advice on how to move forward. As for what he told the young players Ryan said, "I'm just trying to help the guys do the best that they can do pushing forward and I think that a lot of guys have been following some of the seniors and older guys and making sure that they're doing the things they can do to improve."

As for the players only meeting coach Pruitt added, "It's their team. If you're invested in something and you have passion about something, you confront people. That's what leaders do. So that's good to see."

We'll see if that translates to the field come Saturday night.