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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- WVLT contributor and ESPN writer Chris Low is getting ready to head
out to Phoenix to cover this weekend's national semifinal between
Clemson and Ohio State.

But before doing so, he stopped by our studio for a chat, which included his thoughts on Lane Kiffin's hire at Ole Miss. Chris said, he's still Lane, he's still got that edge to him, he's got that bite back personality, but he's grateful to be back in the SEC.

Kiffin said he knew it wasn't a given and he had to work his way back in.

"I've got a lot to prove as a head coach," Kiffin said.

Low said the SEC lost a little something when they lost Steve Spurrier. That type of coach, there's not a lot like him. Lane is a little like Spurrier, a younger version, of course, he used to go after Spurrier a little bit when Spurrier was still in the league. It will spice it up.

The College Football Playoffs are here, I asked Chris about his thoughts on the final four. LSU, Ohio State, Clemson and Oklahoma going at it to decide this year's national champion.

"I think the best story this year was what Ed Orgeron did and Joe Burrow going from being a really good quarterback to a solid quarterback from a year ago to having one of the best seasons we've ever seen a college quarterback have," Low said. "But I don't know that they're the team to win it. Clemson to me, part of the reason is they haven't been beat up schedule-wise like some of these other teams have, Ohio State and LSU."

We asked Chris if Clemson has been tested like some of those other teams. His response, "Probably not, but they have proven over the last couple years that when they get on that stage, they're pretty tough to beat."

Low also talked basketball with us and UT's Lamonte Turner being out for the rest of his senior season to undergo shoulder surgery.

"It's almost like the last few games have been painful to watch him play. You could tell how much he was hurting, his shot didn't look right and to watch him struggle through that., well, it's a tough position for this Tennessee basketball team," Low said. "Not only is he your starting point guard, he's a leader, toughness permeated this basketball team and now you're without him the rest of the season."

Low said he I thinks it will be good for this team to have two home before they dive into SEC play against LSU in order to get some momentum going into the teeth of the SEC schedule.

"It's gonna be a tough transition not only on the court but off the court. He was a guy in that locker room that set the tone," Low said.

Click on the attached video to hear all of what Chris Low had to say.

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