The changing landscape of sports amid coronavirus

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Our lives, our day to day routines, they've been turned upside down by our need to be diligent about the Coronavirus. Also caught up in this world of confusion are the games we once turned to as an outlet for escape.

"It's surreal to turn on the television and there are no live sporting events of any kind. Working for ESPN, it's certainly something we're trying to get our hands around, we've got a big conference call on Wednesday to talk about ways to continue serving the sports fan," says our media partner Chris Low of ESPN.

He said the games may be silent, but the stories are still there to tell.

"This country loves sports, they love the stories behind the games,the stories behind the coaches, the coaches decisions and there are a lot of stories out there to tell," Low said.

Among the stories, the eligibility of college athletes who've had their senior seasons cut short by the coronavirus.

"I think the right thing to do is to allow these kids that are seniors to get another year of eligibility if they want it," Low said. "Now in doing that it creates a big mess, scholarship numbers, where's that money coming from? I don't see if they do that, there's a way to have scholarship limits at that point."

There's also the UT baseball season in the midst of one of its best seasons in years and then what about Spring football, only two practices in the books for a program looking to ride a wave of momentum coming off of last season.

"Spring football is where you find out so much about younger guys you know who's gonna be ready come Fall," Low said. "Who's made the most strides during the off season program you get them on the field and certainly from practice one to practice 15 guys grow up a lot. Well, you're not gonna have that benefit now."

The loss of a senior year means something different to high school athletes, who won't be granted an extra year of eligibility.

Also at issue is player development, this is a huge time of year for high school football players in the weight room as well as spring practice.