Man cave on steroids or basketVOLS new locker room?!

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KNOXVILLE Russo: Alright coach, progress on the court and progress behind the scenes. tell us about this new players lounge.

Barnes: Well we're excited. and really because we've seen the excitement in the players. we've been waiting for four years really. Dave Hart had a plan, and John Gilbert, and we altered that plan. but it turned out great. a little bit longer than we thought, but it's worth the wait.

Russo: Well let's take a look. you talk about lounging, over here this is a neat area to lounge in. look at this big screen here for the guys to watch TV.

Barnes:" All the games that you can imagine. we really allowed them to pick whatever it is they wanted in here really. they had a lot to do with this design. they wanted the big sofas where they could come in and sleep too. they wanted a little gaming area , a place to eat and all that. but it's beautiful.

Russo: Can I come in and watch some Tennessee basketball games in here?

Barnes: We'll charge you. you've got to get a ticket!

Russo: Oh my goodness. now back in here coach, this is neat too. a little kitchen area to get these guys fueled up. nutrition is a key when it comes to get these guys ready to play ball.

Barnes: It is. it's a major part of what we do. we eat here almost every night. we come in here and we eat and there's still some changes we're going to make here. between Mary Carter Eggert and Garrett Medenwald this area is for the players...a fueling station. but again, we come back over here after treatment at night and eat here too.

Russo: Well everybody loves snacks but these look pretty healthy to me.

Barnes: Well I'd like to have some Krispy Kreme in here myself. we don't do that. but the guys, they come in...vitamins down here that they can have and fresh fruit...they can have anything they want. and then the smoothies...they can come in here and make their own smoothies. but we usually have it going ourselves back here. so they're in here and they really have utilized this a lot.

Russo: The lounge also has video games coach?

Barnes: Yes. but i'm waiting for the NASCAR game. I want the NASCAR driving game in here that's what i really want to see.