Turf dug up at Smokies Stadium

Kodak, Tenn. (WVLT)-- The Tennessee Smokies minor league baseball club has decided to tear up the turf at the ballpark after some drainage issues made it tough to play on last season.

It's a month long process that removes the top four inches of the field
and replaces it with brand new sod, something they believed had to be done says team President Chris Allen, "For five years we've had one of the best fields in minor league baseball and this past season we had a bad year with it we added some drain lines and couldn't get the grass to grow back the right way after trying some different things we thought it best to start with a new clean slate because I don't believe it would have come back throughout the Winter and by Spring of the year that's just not what we're used to here, we want to have one of the nicest fields in the country if not the nicest. ."

Chris says one hundred thousand square feet of new sod will be ready to go for next season!