USA Swimming wants Tokyo Olympics postponed until 2021

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- USA Swimming, the national governing body of professional swimming in America, wants the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo delayed at least one year in response to the coronavirus global pandemic.

USA Swimming CEO Tim Hinchey wrote a letter to the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee pleading his case. In it he wrote that his athletes have struggled to train for the upcoming games
during this Coronavirus and because of that is pushing for a one year postponement.

Among those athletes is Lady Vols standout and SEC champion Erika Brown who says, "I don't think it's scary, there's always a curiosity when something like that happens people want to know what's going on. I really believe everything happens for a reason I just choose to trust God no matter what so if it is cancelled, we'll figure it out."

UT Director of Swimming Matt Kredich adds, " It's something that every athlete grows up dreaming about that's swimming at the highest level. each athlete that who gets to go to the Olympic games or World University games or Pan Am games and wear their countries uniforms, something that thy envisioned a long time ago has come true, it's a great feeling."

On Thursday, IOC President Thomas Bach said the committee is "considering different scenarios" amid the pandemic. As of right now, this summer's games in Tokyo are still on. Opening ceremonies are scheduled for July 24th.