Virus impacts Knoxville youth sports

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The situation surrounding Cornavirus is affecting all aspects
of our community here in east Tennessee and that includes
instruction for young athletes.

Well add to that group the good folks out at the Cool Sports
Icearium in West Knox County. Director of Hockey Mike Craigen
tells me they've cancelled all of their youth learn to play hockey programs,
and their youth hockey hockey clinics. Also, all of the youth hockey leagues have been either postponed or cancelled.

It's a difficult time, one which has led mike and his staff to look at other ways to keep the kids active. Craigen told WVLT Sports, "We just got out of a director's meeting to figure out a way how we could remotely broadcast some clinics. Obviously with the ice it's extremely challenging to reproduce the ice and what skating feels like but we're working on some things, some classes we can put on line for kids to work on in their garages and that way still remain with that lack of social interaction that we're being warned about right now."

Mike says one of the toughest parts of cutting back is missing
out the camaraderie shared by the athletes and coaches, something he
says they'll never take for granted again!