Vol leaders rave over trip to Rwanda

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- The Tennessee football players have been working hard on the field, but a lot of them are also concerned about life away from football and that includes a few players who recently took a trip to Rwanda, in Africa, as part of the Vol Leaders program.

WVLT Sports Director Rick Russo with Vols Matthew Butler

It took a little prodding from their head coach Jeremy Pruitt who told us, "I sat down with all three of them, Matthew Butler, Josh Palmer and Cheyenne Labruzza and I asked them, do you want to go on this trip? All three of them said 'no coach, we don't want to go on this trip, we want to practice football, we want to stay' because they were going to miss a couple days of football and so I asked them, 'do think you'll ever get the chance to do this again' and they said 'no, we probably won't', so I said, 'why don't we just go'."

Josh Palmer says, "It was great, it was a great experience. The team I was a part of was full of athletes from different sports. We went down to Rwanda to encourage sports, create social change. So it was just an experience of a lifetime."

This particular program helps you become a leader, so WVLT News Rick Russo asked Matthew Butler how important was that to him and he responded,

"That's very important to me whether it's your team, your family your loved ones, it's fantastic to lead them in a positive direction and also be willing to be led."

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