Vols beat Tusculum: 4 quick takeaways

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The Vols turned on the lights, put on their uniforms and gave fans their first look at what the No. 6 team in the nation looks like tonight in a 87-46 win over Tusculum. Here are four quick take aways from tonight’s exhibition win.

1 — Dominant defense — As with every take coming out of this game, you don’t want to read too much into a game against a Division II opponent, but the Vols looked positively stifling on that end of the floor. Tennessee led the SEC in scoring defense a year ago, and with virtually everyone back from that team, it’s natural to think that they could be even better this time around.

You can’t make that claim just based off hammering Tusculum, but this has the makings of a veteran team that excels on the defensive end due to the fact that everyone on the floor completely understands not only what they’re supposed to be doing, but what their teammates are supposed to be doing as well.

Tusculum’s first four offensive possessions resulted in three turnovers and a blocked shot, and things didn’t much better from there. We’ll base most of what we saw on the first 20 minutes before Barnes started subbing in walk-ons liberally and most of what we saw on defense was excellent for the home team.

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