Vols having fun being the focus of "CBS Confidential"

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COLUMBUS, OH (WVLT)-- The folks from CBS have once again picked Tennessee to be part of their March Madness Confidential series, an inside behind the scenes look at NCAA Tournament basketball, in this case, your Tennessee Volunteers.

Producer Danielle Santoro is the producer on the UT project and says, "This is such a special time of year it’s one of my most favorite projects it’s the time when the team opens their arms and says come to practice be on the plane be a part of the team and to get the fans to show them the inside and to be able to create the videos that these guys will have the rest of their lives is really special.”

Santoro adds it's really neat being able to showcase such a great group of guys. She came to Knoxville earlier this season and did a feature with Admiral Schofield and Grant Williams and said, "I was really excited when Tennessee was picked as one of the confidential teams because I already knew the guys a little bit and that really helps.”

The folks from CBS are having a great time covering what really is a great group of player and the guys also appreciate the fact that they are wanting to be highlighted by CBS. Grant Williams told us, ”Oh yes they’ve seen a lot and you’re going to see a lot of goofy content when that comes out it’s enjoyable and you’ve got to have fun with it but you also have to pay attention to the task at hand.”

Point guard Jordan Bone added, "not many people know the bond that we have not many people understand the camaraderie of this team I think it’s kind of important to have the inside scoop of what goes on in the locker room what goes on outside the court and understand that we are human we do have fun we are kids man we enjoy this moment we have fun and I think that’s important for the fans to understand that.”

Now for all you fans back in East Tennessee who want to catch some of this confidential action behind the scenes with the Vol basketball team, you can check it out throughout the NCAA tournament on all the CBS platforms.