Vols tour U.S. Navy ships ahead of Gator Bowl

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WVLT) -- The Vols were welcomed in Florida ahead of the Tax Slayer Gator Bowl in Jacksonville by the U.S. Navy.

Source: WVLT

The bowl game is on January 2 at 7 p.m. on ESPN, but the Vols have been working hard and playing hard to get ready for the game.

On December 30, the Vols got a special treat by touring two U.S. ships.

MC One Brian Reynolds, also a Vol fan, spoke with WVLT Sports Director Rick Russo about welcoming the Vols to the state.

"It's wonderful to have the Vols here on base," Reynolds said. "I was absolutely thrilled that they were going to be the team that's here."

Reynolds said the Naval base welcomes teams for the Tax Slayer bowl each year. "It's really a pleasure to have these guys here," he added.

The Vols were able to tour U.S.S. Billings and U.S.S. Indianapolis.

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