We've all been pronouncing Jarrett 'GARE-EN-TAN-O' the wrong way

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT.)-- We've been saying it all wrong!! We in the media knew when he arrived on campus, the pronunciation on the last name of Tennessee's starting quarterback was going to be a bit of a challenge.

All of us who cover UT football for a living figured we had that part licked, though -- That is, until the quarterback set us straight Tuesday on how to say his name, "I hear Guarantano, Guantanamo. Guaran-TAN-o. that's it. Tan, right. Yes."
did you ever correct it? No, a little bit different grammar down here in the South. I just let it roll, and let whatever happens, happen."

Guarantano was also asked about several other topics (see below).

On where he expects to see the most improvement on the field this season:
“All-around team speed. I think that we’re a lot faster. I think that we’re smarter as an offense as well, so I hope to see less missed assignments on the field and less M-A's (missed assignments) on the tape on Sunday.”

On how game planning has been different with new offensive coordinator Jim Chaney:
“He really gets deep down into the details. The whole last week we actually had the chance to start looking at [Georgia State] and start to prepare but going into that he really goes deep down into those things. He really elaborates on what he thinks and what he feels that we should be doing on the field. Whenever we’re watching tape, he’s able to put in input on how to get better, so that’s really helpful.”

On his advice to the players getting ready to play their first game at Tennessee:
“Deep breath. Prepare. Just go into the game with a free mind and just play ball. Don’t think about it too much. We’ve been practicing really hard over the summer and spring time, so just let it all out and just have some fun.”

On his overall growth as a player:
“I think that I’m a better football player than last year. I think that comes with a lot though. I think coach (Chris) Weinke did a great job with myself and the other quarterbacks talking about footwork and progression reads, and just knowing where to go with the ball. Obviously, coach (Jim) Chaney’s offense has helped me do so and I’m excited to see what I can do during the season and what the offense can do.”