"You've got a motivated football team": Brent Hubbs weighs in on Vols' progress

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WVLT) -- The Vols are gearing up for the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl in Florida. The game, scheduled for 7 p.m., will be on January 2.

Source: WVLT

For some players, it's their first bowl and some players are old hands, but one football expert says that makes for a motivated team.

Brent Hubbs, of Volquest, spoke with WVLT Sports Director Rick Russo about the Vols' progress this season and their practices down south.

"I think you've got a motivated football team. Sometimes, you have teams that aren't motivated, but I think this isn't one of the teams entering the bowl season amidst disappointment," Hubbs said.

Hubbs pointed to the Vols recent wins as reason for their focus and engagement. "That's why you see these guys pretty dialed in and pretty focused. I'd be surprised if Tennessee doesn't play well or clean on Thursday. I think they're motivated and ready to play."

Hubbs added that future of center Brandon Kennedy for the game is still up in the air after a knee injury. "Jeremy Pruitt indicated it's going to be Brandon's call...We'll see where Kennedy is at in a couple of days."

Kennedy "would be a nice benefit for Tennessee because Indiana plays a lot of games up front with their defensive front so to put an experienced center in there for Jarrett Guarantano would be a great benefit for Tennessee," Hubbs added.

The game is slated for 7 p.m. on Jan. 2 on ESPN.

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