5 overdoses investigated at NH youth drug treatment facility

MANCHESTER, N.H. (WMUR/CNN) - A juvenile treatment center has been ordered to suspend all admissions while officials investigate several suspected overdoses.

It's not clear who called 911, but first responders say staff at the center didn't know that ambulances were coming.(Source: WMUR/CNN)

Four girls and a boy were taken to hospitals Monday night following a 911 call from Granite Pathways.

According to its website, Granite Pathways Youth Treatment Center meets the needs of youth ages 12-17 who are struggling with drug or substance abuse.

Engine Five responded with one ambulance with a possible overdose at the facility. Upon arrival, they found four other patients that had the symptoms of an overdose. They were conscious but exhibiting symptoms similar to overdoses.

It’s not clear who called 911, but first responders say staff at the center didn’t know that ambulances were coming.

Manchester Police were already at the scene dealing with an altercation and shifted to help with the mass casualty.

in the dispatch to Manchester Fire, the caller said they suspected that these individual these juveniles had Xanax in their system. Upon arrival there was no sign of Xanax, but there was some words spoken from the patients that that’s what they had taken.

Fire officials say all of the patients were conscious but needed treatment, so they are all considered a medical emergency. They are all considered an overdose, and they were all taken to the hospital immediately.

In a statement, Granite Pathways says: “The Granite Pathways facility is not a locked-down program, and part of the treatment includes residents leaving the facility for community-based care. While we guard against and have protocols to prevent drugs from coming into the building, this is a complex population, and addiction is a very challenging disease to treat and manage.”

The facility believes the residents likely got the drugs off site. They were attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

On Wednesday, the governor and health and human services officials will hold a press conference about what happened.

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