Bricks of cocaine wash ashore on Florida beaches during Hurricane Dorian

Packages of cocaine were discovered on Florida beaches as Hurricane Dorian moved into the area. (Source: Melbourne Police Department/CNN)

MELBOURNE, Fla. (CNN/Gray News) – Hurricane Dorian has sent wind and rains to the Florida coast. It’s also apparently sent bricks of cocaine.

A Melbourne Police officer was patrolling near Paradise Beach Park on Tuesday when a concerned citizen approached him.

The person directed the officer to a suspicious package on the sand. It turns out the package contained a kilogram of cocaine.

It wasn’t the only brick of cocaine discovered on the Florida coast recently.

NBC News reports that police in Cocoa Beach seized a duffel bag that washed ashore with 15 bricks of cocaine inside.

The duffel bag was discovered Friday afternoon, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

Police said one kilo of cocaine is estimated to be worth $20,000 to $30,000 in the Orlando area.

Authorities are now investigating where the drugs may have come from.

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