Caught on camera: Neighborly feud erupts into tractor chase down

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St. Johns, Fla. (CBS) - It's not the kind of thing a 911 operator hears often as a terrified caller claimed her husband was being chased by a neighbor’s tractor.

The guy driving the tractor is 72-year-old Morris Howell.

The crazy scene was the culmination of a property line dispute between Howell and his neighbor, Scott Lynch, which had been simmering in St. Johns, Florida, according to reports.

The incident occurred last month, but the footage and 911 calls made by Lynch’s wife have just been released.

“He came after my husband with his tractor and I don't know if he is armed at all," Lynch’s wife is heard telling the 911 operator.

The 911 operator sounds confused and asked if the neighbor chased her husband.

“Yeah, he chased him down on his tractor and my husband had to run,” the distraught wife said.

Police responded to the scene and arrested Howell, who's been charged with assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. He has pleaded not guilty.

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