Consumer Electronics Show spotlights new smart devices, robots and TVs

LAS VEGAS (CNN) - It is one of the biggest tech events on the planet, and it kicks off on the Las Vegas Strip on Tuesday.

Among the ideas featured at the annual tech show: a TV screen that rotates from horizontal to vertical. (Source: CNN)

The Consumer Electronics Show - CES - is ringing in the new decade with new gadgets and some pretty wild ideas that have turned into reality.

Here’s a sneak peek of the most practical, the most innovative and the most outlandish items at this year's show.

Tech lovers are making the annual trek to Las Vegas to see what’s next.

Even though the event officially kicks off Tuesday, companies have been eagerly giving previews to early birds.

CES is always a showcase for the next big thing in TVs.

Samsung is showing off a model that rotates from landscape to vertical for a big screen that mirrors a user’s smartphone, a nod to the way millennials consume video content.

Some companies are aiming for the littlest tech adopters. Lumi by Pampers is a smart diaper.

“The activity sensor is automatically tracking the baby’s sleep 24/7, as well as their diaper status, so the wetness level and diaper changes,” Pampers spokesperson Mandy Treeby said.

Other tech is designed to ease challenges for seniors and their caregivers.

Among ITRI's robots is Pecola, a companion that detects when things might be a little off and calls for help.

E-skin's smart pajamas have sensors to keep tabs on the wearer's comfort level and detect falls.

Some tech featured is just for fun, like the Lovot who just loves its owner and Bartesian, shaking up at-home cocktail mixing.

“It’s about a 20-second process, and it self-cleans at the end, so there’s no cross-contamination with the next cocktail,” said Ryan Close, Bartesian Founder and CEO.

Big and small, all are ready to take their share of a consumer electronics market the Consumer Technology Association expects to reach $422 billion in the year ahead.

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